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The Rise of the Co-working Economy

Flexible and remote working are no longer about age or location, it’s about the changing landscape of employment fuelled by advancing remote working technology and the rise of a new generation of flexible workspaces like Office Co, that is more than just a wi-fi connection and a seat. Interactive environments like Office Co are where multi-disciplinary professionals in the fields of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship share the same space and network with like-minded people.

According to Justin Armstrong, CEO of Office Co, “it’s about promoting the real-life experience of innovative ideas and exploring new dynamics to implement them, in a collaborative and a constantly evolving atmosphere.”

A rapidly growing number of workers are now demanding an alternative to the typical corporate structure, where intangible benefits, like merging the work/lifestyle relationship and contributing to a community of like-minded people with meaningful purpose, are the new priorities. According to a recent study by Cisco, hybrid work has improved every area of employee performance, work-life balance, well-being, and company culture

At Office Co we offer collaborative, shared & private workspaces for individuals and the widest spectrum of businesses, seeking a flexible work environment encompassing all the beneficial support and interactive facilities that go with it.

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