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Flexible Work Spaces and the Return To The Office.

The biggest takeaway of the past year is that many professionals can work from virtually anywhere. Whether it’s your home, a coffee shop or a flexible workspace, traveling to your company’s head office in the city isn’t necessary for all. 

This has led many organizations to cut down on their office space footprint and accommodate a more flexible working arrangements for the future.

However, most employees indicated that they do not wish to work from home forever. Instead, they want a “third space option” that is outside of their home and the head office. In a recent survey, most respondants said they would be willing to pay up to R1500,00 per month for a coworking arrangement.

While many organizations are looking towards adopting this hybrid model, it is clear that "one size does not fit all".

Still, it is likely that employees could move outside of the expensive cities to secondary cities or suburbs instead. Not only can employees have more freedom in where they work from, but employers will also be able to broaden their talent pool by tapping into various geographical regions to find the best potential workers. 


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