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Returning to the office can be a choice, not a challenge

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the daily decision about where and how to work wasn’t complicated for most. Workers commuted to an office, sat in assigned seats near direct colleagues, and held big meetings in Conference Room A. You could effortlessly walk over to a colleague and chat about a project. Many people are now used to doing this virtually and although some employees will be returning to the office, it looks like remote working in some form or other is here to stay.

Our relationship with work and the office has been irrevocably disrupted.

In response, many employers are downsizing offices and implementing desk-sharing schemes or opting for flexible work space / shared work spaces like Office Co.

In a recent survey by PWC (www.weforum.org), six execs discussed the changing work environment and came to the conclusion that while there are tremendous benefits in working from home there is still a need to a physical work environment. “Over time, you realize there is something missing by way of collaboration – to sit together in a room, to see how people react to what has been proposed and that is something we want to get back to” Dr Ilger (World Economic Forum).

As the world changes and work norms continue to evolve, the spaces where we work should follow suit. Flexible workspaces can boost agility, reduce costs, and improve the workplace experience for employees, no matter what type of work your business does.

At Office Co we provide collaborative spaces that make working together easier. Book a meeting space today


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