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The advantage of a co-working space and why it is one of the best options to consider

With co-working and flexible workspaces, there are a few advantages when considering this option as a way of getting work done and reaching your goals.

Essentially co-working, shared spaces has become a trend in South Africa, especially with Covid-19, the working force of South Africa are working from home, however, most of them want a change of scenery and an option to work away from home but still feel comfortable and safe in a space to not spread the virus, thus, enter co-working spaces.

Some advantages of a co-working space include;

A decrease in costs in terms of setting up a new office

Setting up a new workspace is a major undertaking that could be rather costly. Apart from obtaining an office space large enough to accommodate all employees, businesses must include in the costs of fixed-term leases, power, and telephone and internet connectivity solutions. The cost sharing of tech office solutions such as printers and the internet is one of the key advantages of shared office spaces. You simply walk into amenities that are already set up in most ready-to-use co-working locations.

The goal of Office Co is to create convenience for their members and make life easier for them in terms of saving on costs as we are fully equipped for every need.

It creates an opportunity of networking

Co-working spaces provide you the chance to meet people from different industries that you might not meet in a regular office setting. A shared office space also exposes your company to other businesses in your industry with whom you might perhaps develop new business partnerships. There is constantly an opportunity to meet people who are experts in fields in which you are lacking, and vice versa.

The influence of flexibility

Employees in co-working spaces are not assigned to a specific workstation and are free to roam around while still receiving all of the assistance, functionality and facilities they need to complete their tasks effectively. Another advantage of these sorts of office spaces is that they may provide additional working space when needed, avoiding the trouble of having to relocate to a larger office.

How crucial a work-life balance is needed?

With office co- offering amenities such as break out areas, conference rooms, and fully equipped, modern kitchens — as well as other modern office comforts — co-working spaces make it simple to take a break from work when the need arises. Working in a shared office area allows you to get out of your computer and see the world, especially with our view from where the offices are located. It allows you to interact with others with whom you may share interests, allowing you to form new connections.

It is central to all of your other commitments

Office co is located in Brooklyn meaning that it is a central business location where it is convenient to work at as well as running your personal errands and fulfilling your other commitments such as picking up your kids from the schools that are in the surrounding areas. Office Co at Brooklyn in Walker Creek office park is conveniently sharing a building with the prestigious Advanced Groenkloof Day hospital situated on the ground floor.

This is convenient for the family members who have to wait for their loved one while getting a procedure done, and Office Co have the option of accommodating day visitors at R160 per day.

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